Visit World’s Largest and Oldest Enclosed Bazaar at Istanbul, Turkey!

Visit World’s Largest and Oldest Enclosed Bazaar at Istanbul, Turkey!

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar or Covered bazaar is largest and oldest enclosed market in the World as well as in Turkey. It was instated after the 1493 Conquest during the rule of Sultan Mehmet. It is the place where Silk Road traders could rest themselves and their camels, as well as sell their goods in ancient times. During later half of fifteenth century it was served as the slave market, as well as the Hans, or caravanserais of old. It is such a fascinating place that millions of visitors take cheap flights to Istanbul to tour this place. It is the best place to find every thing at reasonable rates ranging from meerschaum pipes, carpets and jewellery, to Turkish delight, textiles, spices, clothing and hand-painted ceramics. It is also a good place to buy tourists friendly goods and plasma TV screens belie any sense of a timeless atmosphere.

It is known as home to 5,500-odd vendors peddling wares from handbags to fabulous central Asian fabrics. Visitors frequently take flights to Istanbul to visit this Grand Bazaar comprising of 4,000 shops. It has many other places of tourists interest including; tea houses, Turkish style baths called hamams, mosques, storehouses and fountains. This ancient slaves market grown into an increasingly large area of shops and streets with roofs, arches and domes, and has now become one of the best and crowded shopping areas. If you take Istanbul flights and tour this site you will be must loving to wander around the alleyways, looking and enjoying, or bargaining and purchasing. It is such a large market that it is covering 58 streets, and is a mix of different architecture and styles. This is a perfect venue to enjoy the harmony of cultures, enjoy the harmony of people, and enjoy the rhythm of diversities in Istanbul.

Money change offices, a police station, cafés and an information point are also placed here to help tourists getting into city taking cheap Istanbul flights to explore this entire area. It sells specialty goods of Turkey including; beautiful Turkish carpets, copper and brassware, apparel made of leather, glazed tiles and pottery, cotton and wool, alabaster bookends, ashtrays, and meerschaum pipes. Haggling is a must at most stalls. It is UNESCO World Heritage Site and is visited by 300,000 visitors every day these visitors also include those taking flights to Istanbul from UK to tour this ancient site. In short this covered bazaar will give a fascinating experience that is incomparable with any other place.

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14 Responses to “Visit World’s Largest and Oldest Enclosed Bazaar at Istanbul, Turkey!”

  1. Lauren Arpino says:

    Thanks for the tips! i can’t wait to visit that largest bazaar when i’m in istanbul!

  2. Malcolm Barnes says:

    Thank you for the great article!

    I was there and i bought a good quality of Spices to bring back with me to USA 🙂

  3. Alan Roberts says:

    I was there . It is a Great market

  4. Dermallure says:

    Grand Bazaar has something for every taste and every budget.

  5. John Trott says:

    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post. Grand Bazaar One of the Oldest in the World

    Many thanks for supplying these details.

  6. Ms Marie says:

    The Grand Bazaar has awesome handmade ceramics, and unique crafts, but you have to watch out since its a major tourist attraction because the merchants can easily rip you off if you dont know how to bargain. I dont recommend buying any type of perfume because I bought a name brand Amor Amor by Cacherral for $30.00 US dollars and when I sprayed it at home, I realized it was scented water. It was watered down and not the original scents. I saw others selling name brand perfumes in backpacks for around the same price….they are all ripoffs

  7. G Fedder says:

    My trip to Istanbul was not complete until I went to the Grand Bazaar. Here you can haggle with the shopkeepers and get great deals on just about anything you can think of.

  8. eric milne says:

    Just returned from a 14 day trip to Turkey. The Grand Bazaar was a blast. We very much enjoyed haggling with the vendors and being served apple tea. We had a lot of laughs. Occasionally you might receive a rude comment for not stopping at a particular stand, so be it. Trip to Istanbul not complete without a stop to the Grand Bazaar.

  9. patricia noakes says:

    This place has some really amazing shops. I could spend days here. It is an absolute must for any woman to come to the Grand Bazaar whilst on holiday in Istanbul. It’s the perfect haven for good leather handbags, jewellery, tea and souvenirs.

  10. The Grand Bazaar is best visited on Sundays, or early in the mornings, when the shops are closed. The layout and interesting architectural features can then be appraised.

  11. bastcilk doptb says:

    Clean, organized, expensive. We have been in souks across the Middle East and this is nothing like a “real” bazaar. We felt like we had to see it. We’ll tell you that you won’t miss a thing if you skip it.

  12. Chang Yafuso says:

    The grand bazaar is a place to go in Istanbul just so you can say “I’ve seen it”. It is exceptionally crowded and just repeats the same type of stores over and over hundreds of times. Very difficult to tell who can be trusted and who cannot. Better quality of product and better prices are more easily found outside the bazaar.

  13. Werner Perlman says:

    Enormous selection of everything! Would recommend to go on weekdays and definitely bargain the price!!!!

  14. Sharon says:

    you want it, you will find it at the covered bazaar, if you dont mid being bumped a bit by the throngs of people that visit the bazaar, you will just love it, as they have everything and bargains galore


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