Is it Safe To Travel to Istanbul Right Now?

Is it Safe To Travel to Istanbul Right Now?

The number of annual tourists coming to Turkey stands at 38 million annually and we can safely assume that most of them would be visiting the capital city Istanbul since it is connected with the world and flights coming in from different parts of the world at any time of the day.

Istanbul for many tourists is the starting point to start exploring the country and the culture and the cuisine and therefore, it is a important tourist destination for most of the tourists. However, in the recent times, there have been many terrorist attacks in the city, which have badly impacted the entire reputation of the city and tourists are now thinking twice. With that being said, tourists are still making a beeline to the city, but only in lower numbers. So the important question which most of the tourists are having is whether it is safe to visit?

The truth is the Turkish authorities are more alert than ever and therefore, the place is much more secure.

Also, if you like exploring a place when the crowds are less then again it is a much better option to visit the place now since the crowds would be less and exploring the various parts of the city would be much more easier. Moreover, if you take that logic you would not be able to visit any big city in the world, be it Paris or Brussels or New York or London. The only places where you have to stay away from are the borders with Syria because there the risk of being kidnapped is much higher due to the presence of ISIS. The city of Istanbul is much further from there and that is why, it is much easier and safer to explore the city as well.

If you look into the advisories of the Uk foreign office and the US department of state, both just restrict you to visit the south-eastern part of turkey but there is no advisory for Istanbul since the city itself is safe. Only the areas which are adjacent to Syria are prohibited according to the Embassies.

So, to answer the question yes it is completely safe to visit Istanbul right now as long as you are not venturing into the southern parts of the country. Istanbul being the one of the biggest cities in Turkey is completely safe.

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