Istanbul Holiday 2016 – Is It Safe To Travel To Istanbul In 2016?

Istanbul Holiday 2016 – Is It Safe To Travel To Istanbul In 2016?

You are planning a trip to Istanbul soon, but you can’t help but notice and have in mind the terrorist attack that happened months ago. This gives you certain fear and discomfort, and you ask yourself:

Is it really safe to travel in Istanbul now?

the truth is, there have been many tourists who have cancelled their trips shortly after the attack in Istanbul. While this may be completely normal, let’s face it – Turkey has always been safe, especially when it comes to Istanbul as a big metropolis.

Accidents and crime happen in every city – which is not a reason to be frightened in 2016 when planning your Istanbul trip. However, the recent attack which happened months ago had no connection to any terrorist groups – but was completely classified as a crime.

With this in mind, you shouldn’t worry too much – however be careful at all times. The ideal tourists walk only in the zones and neighborhoods which are classified as urban. Choosing not to visit Istanbul because of a recent crime on the other hand, boils down to a not-so-rational decision . Why?

Accidents and crime happened, happen and will happen. It is how we should accept the world and not be frightened. Moreover, we should not be slaves to the media at all times and let this control our lives. What we should do is listen to our adventurous spirit and be careful at all times.

Would you visit the Empire State building now, after the attacks years ago? Yes, you would. Would you visit a movie theater in Denver after the shooting years ago? Yes, you would. And the good news is – people still visit the attractions despite everything, and Istanbul as our main topic of discussion – counts hundreds of thousands tourists every single month.

Instead of panicking and staying at home being frightened of the modern world, you should visit Istanbul and see its warmness. After all, it is a beautiful city and one which every person on the planet should not only see, but experience. And let’s face it – a city is best experienced through the landmarks, walks, moments and food. Istanbul in this case, puts a lot more on the table and creates a never-ending nostalgia – even if you are not Turkish, but only visiting it during your holiday.

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4 Responses to “Istanbul Holiday 2016 – Is It Safe To Travel To Istanbul In 2016?”

  1. Kamal says:

    There is no risk to Travel to istanbul.. the problems regarding the situation on Istanbul now days consider only few cities on the east of Turkey and some place near to the Syrian borders these where u can’t go … Beside that there is nothing to worry about make sure u will have Nice time in Turkey especialy in Istanbul i been there last 2 months & i had really nice time 🙂

  2. Josh says:

    Unfortunately Can’t go to Turkey now time 🙁

  3. delilah fortin says:

    I have a friend who just got back to the US from Istanbul. She was perfectly fine, and I imagine you will be, too

  4. Abdel says:

    After all what happened in Istanbul last year if i get occasion to go again There ill go with no doubt Istanbul and generaly turkey Was and Will always stay my favorite country for a good holiday


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