Turkey Holiday – Istanbul Tourism Safety in 2016

Turkey Holiday – Istanbul Tourism Safety in 2016

Istanbul is becoming more and more popular as a European gateway in the recent years. However, many of the tourists are now actually worried about safety in Istanbul. If you’re willing to take a few precautions, safety isn’t an issue in Istanbul and we would be discussing about the tips which you have to consistently follow when you’re visiting Istanbul.

1-Be on The Tourist Trail:

Instead of exploring the inner parts of the city, you have to always be on the tourist trail. These places are safe enough and also these are well guarded by the authorities as well. This automatically ensures that the risk is virtually eliminated in such parts of the city.

The major tourist attractions also have strictly controlled crowds which ensure that there are no disturbances in such parts as well.

2-Avoid Venturing Near The Local Spots:

Each and every tourist city is divided into the tourist spots as well as the local spots. While most of the tourists like to explore the local spots as well in order to better understand how locals live in the city but when you’re in Istanbul, it is a better choice to avoid the local spots as these might not be safe enough.

The local spots also do not have a large presence of police and that is another good reason to avoid them for the time being.

3-Increase The Security:

Ever since the attacks have taken place in the city, the security has been increased manifold which ensures that almost all the areas in the city are well guarded and the citizens of the city are also much more aware which ensures that any further attacks are actually improbable.

Most of the embassies all over Europe are also just recommending caution rather than complete prohibition of the visit to Istanbul. This in itself indicates that the authorities in Turkey have stepped up the security and are handling the situation correctly.

4-Stricter Screening:

In order to prevent any future attacks or disturbances, the authorities are screening everyone coming through the borders quite carefully in order to ensure that the public as well as the tourists are completely safe as well.

So, if you’re heading to Istanbul, instead of worrying about the conditions there, it is a better idea to just follow the 4 points which we have highlighted and you would be able to explore the city quite easily without any safety issues.


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4 Responses to “Turkey Holiday – Istanbul Tourism Safety in 2016”


    Istanbul is a major world city. Use common sense as you would in any city, but you don’t need to be worried beyond that.

  2. Mrs Gillian Kirkup says:

    If you are mostly interested in Istanbul, travel to Turkey is no more dangerous then anywhere else. The southeast region is unstable, and probably best to avoid cities like Mardin, Urfa, Gaziantep and Hatay for the time being.

  3. Janine Davis says:

    go and enjoy this beautiful country and not worry about what might happen.

  4. Edward Roger White says:

    i’ve been in istanbul last week and I didn’t feel unsafe at all.
    in fact I have managed to explore more places than I did when I visited 3 yrs ago. There’s more police presence which makes me feel more safe. Personally from my visit I don’t feel any reason why someone should be concerned. We can definitely not foresee what will go wrong but it can go wrong anywhere and not just istanbul


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