Istanbul Summer Holiday – Travel Tips & Must Visited Attractions

Istanbul Summer Holiday – Travel Tips & Must Visited Attractions

When you are exploring the confluence of modern and traditional culture, no place is as great as Istanbul and summer is the perfect time during which you would be able to easily explore the place and enjoy the place as well. However, if you are heading there this summer, it might be a good idea to actually look into some of the points which we are highlighting below.

Carry The Lotions:

The summer sun in Istanbul can be quote damaging for you and that is why it is always a better to carry all the sun protection with you, which would ensure that you are able to stay protected.

Do Not Forget The Stores:

The local market is quite impressive and is known by the name of Grand Bazaar. It contains the merchandise of Turkey as well as of Egypt as well and therefore, you would be able to find quite a few things which would be of your liking and thus ensuring that you are able to easily explore the culture and traditions by opting for buying different merchandise.

Sip The Local Taste:

When you are in turkey you should be missing out on the local tastes. The local cafes which throng the streets of most of the big cities would give you a glimpse into the local cuisine of Turkey which would help you in exploring the city as well as the local culture.

Instead of heading to the expensive restaurants, the local cafes are the best option which you have to explore the local cuisine and the local tastes and are frequently thronged by tourists from all over the world ensuring that you are having a safe atmosphere in these cafes and are relatively cheap as well.

Catch The Traditions:

It would be a good idea to actually look into the architectural wonders which are standing tall in Istanbul since centuries. You should be able to see the confluence of the Turkish architecture with the gothic and European architecture, providing you with some wonderful sights to behold. Some of the architectural wonders present in Istanbul are revered all over the world for the way in which they have been created.

So, when you are in Istanbul this summer, make sure that you do catch these architectural wonders and other tourist attractions so that you are able to explore the true Istanbul rather then just exploring the attractions mentioned in the tourist books.

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