Istanbul, The Land On Two Continents – Holiday Tips & More

Istanbul, The Land On Two Continents – Holiday Tips & More

Planning your vacation in Istanbul? Is it a spring holiday, a lovely summer days you plan to spend in this city, feeling the autumn breeze or maybe a romantic winter trip with your loved one in Istanbul?

Whatever your choice is – you will be amazed of the Turkish culture, which is best felt in Istanbul. As a city that has been built thousands of years ago and a history that dates back to 3000 BC, Istanbul takes pride to be a pillar of the whole Eastern European community and a city that enjoyed the big world trade until the Byzantine era.

A true shopping Mecca for some people and a city with amazing landmarks to see for others – that is what Istanbul looks like, but we guarantee you that it is a lot more than that.

Things To Do And Landmarks To See In Istanbul

First and foremost after settling in, in one of the famous Istanbul hotels – should be your trip to the Basilica Cistern. This is the romantic paradise that Istanbul exclusively offers and a complex which derives the old culture at its very best. Constructed in the 6th century and forgotten for many, the Cistern was refurbished and is known as the best ‘hidden’ attraction also featuring a column with the mystical Medusa creature – and a lot more than that.

Second of all, are the visits to the mosques in Istanbul. These landmarks are not only special because of the fact that they bring the culture to you in the best form possible. Instead, they are one of the most famous landmarks in human history. The Hagia Sophia is the church/mosque you should at first see, and a mixture of two different cultures (the Muslim and Christian religion) colliding into one. Aside from Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque is definitely worth seeing – especially during the praying hours when the atmosphere is vibrant.

The Topkapi Palace is also a thing you should write down in your Istanbul Checklist Guide, as a palace which is just nearby many popular hotels in Istanbul. This palace was one of the biggest residence palaces of the Turkish sultans and their many wives but also a great treasury for their jewels, gold and money. Positioned near the Sea of Marmara, the exclusive location makes Topkapi even greater – and a collection of rooms you must endeavor.

After you visit Topkapi, the Istanbul’s Archaeology Museum should come next with the popular sarcophagus that features Alexander the Great in 3D visual stimulation. Also, there is a model of the famous Trojan Horse and the Tiled Pavilon.

At last, Istanbul offers a vibrant nightlife scene and a taste of the Eastern food in some of the best restaurants within the country. You can even try the traditional Turkish nargile (shisha) and spice up your stay – warming your impressions from the day even more.

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