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Istanbul – One Of The Cities That Leaves You Breathless

There are only a few cities in Europe that can overcome the expectations of the modern hedonists and travel nomads. And no – we are not talking about five star hotels, elite rooms and magic fountains. We are digging beneath the luxury of Istanbul – and uncover the spirit of the city which makes it eternal.

Istanbul can be best visited during every season, whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter. However, the best time to visit is the mid-spring and early autumn, during the season of festivals and city gatherings. Especially in spring, the opening tourist season for every world metropolis, Istanbul is lively and welcomes you to its beauties and green palaces such as the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and the Bosphorus Cruise on a warm day full of sunshine.

‘Why visit Istanbul?’ – you are asking yourself.

Well, first and foremost – the city of Istanbul has a rich history and offers a whole wealth of historic as well as religious sites to see and grasp. From ancient monuments to inspiring architecture and rich culture, you can dig in the culture and religion in the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia or the Church of St. Savior, or see the luxurious lifestyle that the sultans lived in the Topkapi Palace. If you love landscapes and sunsets, the Galata Tower is actually one of the best sites offering you a breathless views on the entire city and the three parts divided by water.

When speaking about food, Istanbul offers a lot of seafood specialties. Whether you love seafood or not, one can simply not resist the temptation to try it at best, served fresh by amazing Turkish chefs. In the event that you want to try a traditional dish which does not include seafood, you can try the Turkish cuisine and get amazed by their delicate tastes. To top up the whole gourmet experience, we recommend you to try Turkish coffee and sweeten the meal with a slice of baklava (traditional sweet recipe).

Istanbul is a vibrant city. The nightlife is on the rise – with many pubs, bars and restaurants who prove that this metropolis is among the top in Europe when it comes to nightlife. Some of the best bars in istanbul include Babylon, Cheers, High End, Reina, Big Buddha and Indigo.

If you want to settle in Istanbul and explore the beach lifestyle, you have to know that the urban aspect will not allow you to have such holiday. Instead, there are few locations near Istanbul that are proud to offer beaches and remain crowded during the season. The Prince’s Islands, Sile & Agva as well as Kilyos are best examples of beach cities near Istanbul.

Are you ready for a new adventure? Istanbul awaits you!

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What To Do on a Holiday To Istanbul

Any Istanbul holiday will be awash with opportunities to visit some of the city’s finest sights. Which ones will make it onto your to do list?

When travelling to Istanbul, holiday makers should have a loose plan of what to do once there. There is so much to choose from, but if you’re stuck you can always use some of our suggestions below.

Go up The Galata Tower

Any opportunity to look out over the city will afford you at least a glimpse of this tower, no matter how you view the skyline of Istanbul. Holiday itineraries should definitely include a trip up the tower, since it soars up more than 66 metres in height. The best plan is to head up to the top to dine at the excellent restaurant you will find there. What better way could there be to satiate your appetite and get some amazing views of the city than from this delightful vantage point?

Visit The Golden Horn

The Bosphorus runs right through the city and the Golden Horn is an inlet of it. It is a naturally occurring harbour and it has been used as such for countless ships over the centuries. One of the best things to do here is to wander along either side of the inlet, which helpfully divides the old part of the city from the new side of Istanbul. Holiday makers often jump aboard a ferry to see both the new and old parts of the city from the water.

Walk Across The Galata Bridge

There are many places in the city that offer a great view of parts of various parts of the city, but few give the all round appreciation you will get from this bridge. It is easy to find if you are visiting the Golden Horn because it spans the inlet. This particular bridge dates from 1994, but there have been four others before that. The earliest was constructed around 1845 and lasted less than 20 years before being replaced. You can walk across its span and get some amazing views on either side.

However long you may be in this fascinating city for, you can be sure of enjoying the best when you get some spectacular views of it. You can do just that by visiting each of the locations we have mentioned above. There is plenty more to do in the city as well, of course, but whatever you want to do you should certainly add the three above suggestions to your itinerary.


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Visit World’s Largest and Oldest Enclosed Bazaar at Istanbul, Turkey!

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar or Covered bazaar is largest and oldest enclosed market in the World as well as in Turkey. It was instated after the 1493 Conquest during the rule of Sultan Mehmet. It is the place where Silk Road traders could rest themselves and their camels, as well as sell their goods in ancient times. During later half of fifteenth century it was served as the slave market, as well as the Hans, or caravanserais of old. It is such a fascinating place that millions of visitors take cheap flights to Istanbul to tour this place. It is the best place to find every thing at reasonable rates ranging from meerschaum pipes, carpets and jewellery, to Turkish delight, textiles, spices, clothing and hand-painted ceramics. It is also a good place to buy tourists friendly goods and plasma TV screens belie any sense of a timeless atmosphere.

It is known as home to 5,500-odd vendors peddling wares from handbags to fabulous central Asian fabrics. Visitors frequently take flights to Istanbul to visit this Grand Bazaar comprising of 4,000 shops. It has many other places of tourists interest including; tea houses, Turkish style baths called hamams, mosques, storehouses and fountains. This ancient slaves market grown into an increasingly large area of shops and streets with roofs, arches and domes, and has now become one of the best and crowded shopping areas. If you take Istanbul flights and tour this site you will be must loving to wander around the alleyways, looking and enjoying, or bargaining and purchasing. It is such a large market that it is covering 58 streets, and is a mix of different architecture and styles. This is a perfect venue to enjoy the harmony of cultures, enjoy the harmony of people, and enjoy the rhythm of diversities in Istanbul.

Money change offices, a police station, cafés and an information point are also placed here to help tourists getting into city taking cheap Istanbul flights to explore this entire area. It sells specialty goods of Turkey including; beautiful Turkish carpets, copper and brassware, apparel made of leather, glazed tiles and pottery, cotton and wool, alabaster bookends, ashtrays, and meerschaum pipes. Haggling is a must at most stalls. It is UNESCO World Heritage Site and is visited by 300,000 visitors every day these visitors also include those taking flights to Istanbul from UK to tour this ancient site. In short this covered bazaar will give a fascinating experience that is incomparable with any other place.

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Istanbul On The Palm OF Your Hand – Attractions And Things To Do

If you booked your trip to Istanbul lately, chances are that you will have a great holiday. However, you should not let luck happen entirely – but organize your trip and make sure to see the best attractions that Istanbul has to offer. And trust us, it offers a LOT.

Today, we are listing the most exceptional landmarks in Istanbul to include on your list:

Day 1 – Hagia Sophia And The Blue Mosque

Hagia Sophia – Also known as Ayasofya, this church-mosque is a mixture of the Christian and Muslim religion. Decades ago, it was a famous cathedral however captured and converted by the Ottoman empire into a great mosque. Nowadays, it is one of the biggest Turkish museums built in 1935 and constantly refurbished ever since.

The Blue Mosque – This is probably the most famous mosque in Istanbul – and definitely a place you must visit. With over 20 thousand ceramic tiles in every shade of blue, the Blue Mosque is surrounded by 4 major towers and features a mihrab within as the most striking piece of art inside the mosque. With marble decor and exquisite windows, the Blue Mosque is definitely a place to visit after your trip to Hagia Sophia (they are in front of each other).

Day 2 – Istanbul Modern Art Museum And The Grand Bazaar

Istanbul Modern Art Museum – This museum is for everyone who wants to see the form of Turkish art in real life, but also get to know the culture in one of the most prominent places in Turkey. Featuring hundreds of artists including painters, photographers and sculptors – the Istanbul Modern Art museum is located near the best hotels in Istanbul and therefore highly accessible.

The Grand Bazaar – For a trip to the Grand Bazaar, you have to visit the other site of Istanbul, which offers hundreds of covered markets, more than four thousand shops and 61 streets. It is the all-in-one Turkish marketplace for handicrafts, sweets, accessories, leather and jewelry.

Day 3 – Shopping At The Istiklal Caddesi And Warming Up With The Vibrant Nightlife

Istiklal Caddesi – This street lies in the old part of Istanbul and is a few kilometers ling. It features some of the best high-end luxury shops but also many famous stores including ZARA. MANGO, H&M as well as some nice Turkish modern brands selling exclusive goods. After a series of shopping, you can easily settle in some of the cafes throughout the street, restaurant and places to warm up the atmosphere and try (smoke) a traditional Turkish shisha.

Fingers crossed for a great trip to Istanbul!

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Most Visited Istanbul Attractions

If you’re booked into one of the best Istanbul hotels, in the Turkey’s cultural and economic heart, then it is an absolute sin not to explore in depth and drink in the beautiful history of this grand old city. Consider a visit to these excellent world-famous sites.

Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya)

If there is one place you must visit in your trip to this ancient city, it is the iconic Hagia Sophia. The Hagia Sophia started out as a beautiful Christian cathedral housing many sacred relics, but was captured and converted by Ottoman Turks into a grand mosque. It was then converted into a national museum in 1935, showcasing many works of art with both Muslim and Christian roots. Museum hours are between 9:30am to 4:30pm, so make sure you take this in consideration when visiting.

The Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii)

The Blue Mosque is directly inspired by the Hagia Sophia but is itself a masterful work of art. More than 20,000 ceramic tiles in vibrant shades of blue decorate the interior of the mosque – hence the name. The most striking piece of art in the Blue Mosque, however, is the mihrab contained within. Finely carved marble décor, surrounded by exquisite windows, add a layer of solemnity to this grand old mosque. The Blue Mosque itself is located near some of the best hotels in Istanbul and is easily accessible by foot or car.

Istanbul Modern Art Museum (Istanbul Modern Sanat Muzesi)

If you want to learn more about modern Turkish art, you will definitely want to pay a visit to one of the city’s most prominent museums. The Istanbul Modern boasts a wide range of pieces from local Turkish artists, from photographs containing their own narratives to sculptures that express the creative impulses that were borne from the city’s rich past. The Istanbul Modern is conveniently located close to some of the best hotels in Istanbul, making it accessible to anyone visiting the city.

The Grand Bazaar (Buyuk Carsi)

The Grand Bazaar is one of the world’s oldest and largest covered markets, hosting more than 3,000 shops spread over 61 covered streets. This is a great place not only to shop for local souvenirs and delicacies, but also to breathe in much of the history behind the bazaar. While it is located near many top hotels and comes with quite a few modern accoutrements, the history behind the roofs and walls of the Grand Bazaar can still touch people in many subtle ways.

Remember that while many of the best Istanbul hotels offer accommodations to make you feel comfortable and pampered, you can only truly say you’ve known the city after you’ve visited these top historical sites.

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