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Istanbul Tourism Safety In 2017 After All Past Terror Attacks

Istanbul was one of the leading Turkish destinations for both 2015 and 2016, but after multiple terror attacks that happened the past year, is this a safe destination for tourists around the world? What is 2017 bringing, has the security improved? Let’s find out!

As you can imagine, the past, gruesome terror attacks that happened in 2016 left a huge impact on them. Since these attacks happened more than once, people are afraid to visit Istanbul and Turkey as a whole. Thankfully, the security of most public locations has improved quite a lot recently. And while some terror attacks targeted private establishments recently, the public safety is a lot better. All airports increased their police and anti-crime unit centers and presence.

However, terror attacks can appear out of nowhere. This will be a major challenge for tourists that want to travel in complete safety. In most busy areas, the authorities are stopping people on the street to ask for their ID. The entry points for the country are on alert as well, and they are double checking people with dual nationality, and they also check them against the international crime database.

Will Istanbul Tourism Safety be better in 2017? It’s hard to say that, but it’s clear that the authorities are doing their role in increasing the overall public safety. Continued checks, better security in public locations and an increased focus on catching international fugitives might make Turkey and Istanbul, in particular, a better and safer place to visit.

However, since terror attacks are spontaneous, it can be pretty hard to identify them. This is why you need to be prepared for any situation like this if the need arises of course. With that in mind, there are a wide array of things you can do if such a situation appears.

How Can You Protect Yourself In The Case Of a Terror Attack?

The first thing you need to do is to run. Escape if that is a possibility and always try to find the safest option. The idea is to go in a direction that puts you as far as possible from any harm. Insist that your friends come with you as fast as possible. In case such a situation arises, leave any belongings behind. You have to think solely about your personal safety and the safety of your loved ones.

In case running is not an option, hide. Make sure that you find a good spot to hide, away from the plain sight and any potential gunfire. Remember, if you see the attacker, he might be able to see you too and thus you will be in danger. Try to spot exists and silence your phone, be quiet at all times. If you can, barricade and lock yourself in the hiding place. Obviously, you want to stay away from the door.

Remember to call the police and tell them about the location and suspects. Any description will come in handy here. Keep in mind that any relevant information will come in handy here, so don’t hesitate to alert the authorities if possible!

As you can see, while the Istanbul tourism safety has improved quite a bit and it will continue to do so, it’s still a good idea to prepare yourself against terror attacks. These can and will appear out of nowhere, so you should consider any preparation that will help keep you safe!

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Karakoy: The Hip And Urban Neighborhood On Istanbul’s Asian Side

Once you step on the Asian ground in Istanbul, you should definitely visit Karakoy. It is the new social hub for daydreamers, hippies and people enjoying Istanbul in the chic cafes and amazing galleries. It is also the place of many bohemian boutiques as well as traditional pastaneler bakeries.

Karakoy is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. After landing on it through the 10 minute ride with the boat, you should get the bus or taxi and head to Karakoy – to explore the minimalist side of Istanbul and the hip atmosphere which is not present anywhere else.

This place is a true hub for nomads, daydreamers and art fanatics. You can start the day with an espresso at Karabatak, a popular cafe – and start the gallery sightseeing tours. From Tophane to Istanbul Modern, visiting the art galleries will give you a feel of the Turkish culture and the 20th century works present there.

At noon, hipsters and locals in Karakoy have their meal of the day, which you can take in a number of eateries located on Kemankes Caddesi. There are a lot of eateries you can consider, and afterwards head to the bohemian boutiques for a shopping spree.

The late afternoon and evening hours in Karakoy are reserved for a traditional bath and a dinner in the easy-going restaurants, where hipsters enjoy and describe how their days were with a round of shisha.

So, are you up for seeing the real side of Karakoy? We guarantee you’ll love it!

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Istanbul – One Of The Cities That Leaves You Breathless

There are only a few cities in Europe that can overcome the expectations of the modern hedonists and travel nomads. And no – we are not talking about five star hotels, elite rooms and magic fountains. We are digging beneath the luxury of Istanbul – and uncover the spirit of the city which makes it eternal.

Istanbul can be best visited during every season, whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter. However, the best time to visit is the mid-spring and early autumn, during the season of festivals and city gatherings. Especially in spring, the opening tourist season for every world metropolis, Istanbul is lively and welcomes you to its beauties and green palaces such as the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and the Bosphorus Cruise on a warm day full of sunshine.

‘Why visit Istanbul?’ – you are asking yourself.

Well, first and foremost – the city of Istanbul has a rich history and offers a whole wealth of historic as well as religious sites to see and grasp. From ancient monuments to inspiring architecture and rich culture, you can dig in the culture and religion in the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia or the Church of St. Savior, or see the luxurious lifestyle that the sultans lived in the Topkapi Palace. If you love landscapes and sunsets, the Galata Tower is actually one of the best sites offering you a breathless views on the entire city and the three parts divided by water.

When speaking about food, Istanbul offers a lot of seafood specialties. Whether you love seafood or not, one can simply not resist the temptation to try it at best, served fresh by amazing Turkish chefs. In the event that you want to try a traditional dish which does not include seafood, you can try the Turkish cuisine and get amazed by their delicate tastes. To top up the whole gourmet experience, we recommend you to try Turkish coffee and sweeten the meal with a slice of baklava (traditional sweet recipe).

Istanbul is a vibrant city. The nightlife is on the rise – with many pubs, bars and restaurants who prove that this metropolis is among the top in Europe when it comes to nightlife. Some of the best bars in istanbul include Babylon, Cheers, High End, Reina, Big Buddha and Indigo.

If you want to settle in Istanbul and explore the beach lifestyle, you have to know that the urban aspect will not allow you to have such holiday. Instead, there are few locations near Istanbul that are proud to offer beaches and remain crowded during the season. The Prince’s Islands, Sile & Agva as well as Kilyos are best examples of beach cities near Istanbul.

Are you ready for a new adventure? Istanbul awaits you!

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4 Important Things You Need To Consider Before Visiting Istanbul

Istanbul is not only a city – it is a point where two continents collide. This has made the city of Istanbul a great trade center over the years and have given it an endless supply of hospitality when it comes to the Turkish people. Hard-working, lovely and confident is how you can describe the Turks – and Istanbul – well, it’s another story.

You will love Istanbul just as you love the locals upon arriving. The feeling of warmth and hospitality definitely adds up to the satisfaction by this city – and every corner you walk into will look like it is unfolding history in front of you.

Today, we are listing the most important information you need to know about Istanbul.

Do You Need A Visa To Visit Istanbul?

A visa is not required for many European nationalities. However, any different nationality than European needs a 90-day visa. Fortunately, it can be obtained in an easier way – through a website electronically ( Nationals of Australia, Canada, China, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, UK and USA need a visa – and its cost varies from $15 to $60 (USD).

What Is The Best Time To Visit Istanbul?

Spring and autumn are undoubtedly the best times to visit IStanbul, simply because of the festivals being in the full swing. Summers, on the other side – can come with a great heat and when it comes to winter in Istanbul, you may experience a bone-chilling cold accompanied with lots of rain.

What Do I Need To Know About Money And Costs Before Visiting Istanbul?

The estimated daily budget to spend in Istanbul sums up to 50 euro on average, including a dormitory bed of 11 to 25 euros, a kebap dinner for 6 euros, transportation costs of 1 euro as well as a beer at a neighborhood bar which is 4 euros. Obviously, this is the lowest budget you may need for a day in Istanbul, and the highest and top-end budget you will need for a luxurious day and a stay in a double luxury room along with restaurant dinner, wine and Hamam experience will cost you 200 euros per person daily.

How to Keep Safe And Healthy In Istanbul?

Istanbul is known for relatively high standards of food and hygiene present in the restaurants. Medical services, on the other side are advised to be covered within the travel insurance, and for minor problems there are always pharmacies you can ask and look around for. Many doctors in Istanbul speak English, which leaves you to no troubles at all in the event of bad luck.

In the end, Istanbul is an organized place you must visit and see for yourself. We believe that we helped you make a decision and book your trip to Istanbul this season!

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Turkey Vacation Safety

Turkey is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe especially if you like to explore the confluence of the Asian culture as well as the European culture. That is the reason that millions of tourists visit Turkey each and every year to explore the various cultures of Turkey.

In the recent times however, there have been plenty of clashes in Turkey due to which tourists have begun to decrease in number and many people are still wondering whether it is actually safe to visit Turkey. The question which most of the tourists are asking is whether they should be visiting to Turkey. Barring a few parts, the country of Turkey is safe and therefore, if you are able to take a few precautions, you would be able to stay complete safe when you are visiting turkey.

If you are looking at the popular tourist destinations in Turkey like Bodrum and Antalya, you will still find tourists enjoying in these places in relative safety without any issues. However, the problematic parts of Turkey are the southern parts which are bordering the country of Syria.

Also, when you are in Turkey it is best to keep up to date with the local news in order to better understand if you need to avoid certain parts of the country which are not safe and also to ensure that you are able to find out about any problems which have occurred recently and when you are able to do that it you can be sure that it would be certainly easier for you to stay safe in the country as well.

Blend In:
Instead of appearing a confused tourist when you are in Turkey it would be a better idea to actually blend in the locals to ensure that you are not attracting unwanted attention.

Keep The Contacts:
When you are in Turkey it would be a very good idea to actually keep the contacts of your embassy to ensure that if you are in any trouble you are able to contact the authorities and get the problem solved.

Keep The Local Emergency Number:
It would also be a good idea to keep with yourself the phone number of the hotel in which you are staying as well as the local authorities to ensure that in case of any problem, you are able to get in touch with them.

So, if you are visiting Turkey, then it might be a good idea to actually follow the 3 tips which we have highlighted above to stay safe in Turkey.

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Istanbul – A Must-Visit City During Your Lifetime

Istanbul is an astonishing European city in Turkey. It is also one of the Top European Destinations visited by a number of tourists every year. Istanbul is a city where more than 10 million people with diverse backgrounds, languages, religions and cultures live together in harmony.

One can visit Istanbul during the Spring and Autumn when various festivals are also celebrated. Late spring and early autumn are very delighful and therefore the perfect times to visit the city. Istanbul is a city which one must travel and enjoy their City Breaks in Istanbul.

The city of Istanbul has a long history. So, it offers a wealth of historic and religious places to take in. The ancient monuments include Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet Mosque, Church of St Savior in Chora etc. You can also visit Galata Tower, Blue Mosque, Military Museum, Maiden’s Tower and Bosphorus Cruise.

One cannot go without shopping in the city during their Istanbul City Breaks. To shop in Istanbul ranging from the expensive to cheap products, from branded items to street fashion, the city has a number of markets, shopping malls. The Grand Bazaar is the most famous place in the city for shopping where you can shop almost everything. Some of the other popular places in the city where you can shop are: Spice Bazaar, Covered Bazaar, Istiklal Street, Nisantasi, Bagdat Caddesi etc.

Istanbul is a city with many faces when it comes to nightlife. The city’s recent economic growth and increasing opulence had vast effect on the vivacity, liveliness and range of its nightlife. Istanbul’s nightlife is quickly gaining appreciation as one of the liveliest in Europe. Some of the best bars and clubs include: Reina, Indigo, Lucca, Tek Yon, Cheers, Babylon, High End, Big Buddha and many more.

Istanbul is not a beach city. But still if you want to go there, then you can go to Prince’s Islands, Sile & Agva, Kilyos and Basaksehir Aquapark. One of the best things about Princes’ Islands is that the motorized vehicles are banned there, making this place very quiet and calm. You can finally enjoy in the sound of silence. If you intent to visit the islands, make sure to catch the first ferry to the islands any day you want. And of course don’t forget to get the last ferry.

These all beaches mentioned above are near Istanbul and remain a bit crowded during warm summer days. When comes to food, the city has a number of restaurants where you can find various types of dishes and cuisines. Here, you can easily get food of your own choice.

Istanbul’s public transport system is a bit confusing, consisting of a metro, tram lines, train lines, buses and countless private mini-buses, not to mention various types of ferries connecting the city’s two shores.

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