4 Important Things You Need To Consider Before Visiting Istanbul

4 Important Things You Need To Consider Before Visiting Istanbul

Istanbul is not only a city – it is a point where two continents collide. This has made the city of Istanbul a great trade center over the years and have given it an endless supply of hospitality when it comes to the Turkish people. Hard-working, lovely and confident is how you can describe the Turks – and Istanbul – well, it’s another story.

You will love Istanbul just as you love the locals upon arriving. The feeling of warmth and hospitality definitely adds up to the satisfaction by this city – and every corner you walk into will look like it is unfolding history in front of you.

Today, we are listing the most important information you need to know about Istanbul.

Do You Need A Visa To Visit Istanbul?

A visa is not required for many European nationalities. However, any different nationality than European needs a 90-day visa. Fortunately, it can be obtained in an easier way – through a website electronically (www.evisa.gov.tr). Nationals of Australia, Canada, China, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, UK and USA need a visa – and its cost varies from $15 to $60 (USD).

What Is The Best Time To Visit Istanbul?

Spring and autumn are undoubtedly the best times to visit IStanbul, simply because of the festivals being in the full swing. Summers, on the other side – can come with a great heat and when it comes to winter in Istanbul, you may experience a bone-chilling cold accompanied with lots of rain.

What Do I Need To Know About Money And Costs Before Visiting Istanbul?

The estimated daily budget to spend in Istanbul sums up to 50 euro on average, including a dormitory bed of 11 to 25 euros, a kebap dinner for 6 euros, transportation costs of 1 euro as well as a beer at a neighborhood bar which is 4 euros. Obviously, this is the lowest budget you may need for a day in Istanbul, and the highest and top-end budget you will need for a luxurious day and a stay in a double luxury room along with restaurant dinner, wine and Hamam experience will cost you 200 euros per person daily.

How to Keep Safe And Healthy In Istanbul?

Istanbul is known for relatively high standards of food and hygiene present in the restaurants. Medical services, on the other side are advised to be covered within the travel insurance, and for minor problems there are always pharmacies you can ask and look around for. Many doctors in Istanbul speak English, which leaves you to no troubles at all in the event of bad luck.

In the end, Istanbul is an organized place you must visit and see for yourself. We believe that we helped you make a decision and book your trip to Istanbul this season!

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